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Own it!

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“Own it; ROCK your bad self and embrace everyday like it’s going out of style””

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Q&A: My butt is disappearing…

QUESTION: Hi – thanks for your expert advice and website.  I’m 65, 6’ tall 185 pounds and wear jeans every day.  I have a variety of diesel jeans washes but mostly Shazor style.  I like the low rise but I have a hard time keeping them up.  My butt is disappearing.  I’ve been wearing 32X32.  I think it’s time to venture into a different brand but know little about the others.  I like to dress with style, and with a bit of an edge.  I wear sports jackets, sweaters, vests, or just a dress shirt or T-shirt.  Can you offer any suggestions on brand and style of jeans that will look age appropriate but with style and pizzazz?  No grandpa jeans for me, please.  Thanks.

All the best,


ANSWER: …. David, Thank you for your email… I can’t tell you how nice it is to still be slinging #jeans and not having to worry about inventory availability, an open to buy, or juggling multiple clients. I get to tell you what is the BEST for YOU not sell what I have! I think this is what they might call freedom! 32×32 is a pretty easy fit… and Diesel is one brand that has a part of my heart personally as it’s one of my “toosh’s” preferred fit!

However, YES!– there are more options. Let your mind be at ease; the disappearance of your behind is not entirely you. The waist band of Diesel jeans has changed slightly over the past few seasons and very different from a few years ago. The circumference of the waistband and yolk have become closer to the same measurement… meaning you may find that they are falling down not that your ass is on strike! Have a tailor take in the waist of your Shazor jeans.. you should be able to get it done for about $20 bucks.

Because you wear jeans everyday and they are acceptable work wear in your profession I have given you more than 3 options to ignite your denim addiction. I can tell that your collection is strong and you are not scared of a little experimenting, I know you own it! So, here are a few fav’s that I think could take your days into evening and freshen up your entire wardrobe and maybe adding a little bit of a punch when it comes to your business casual style. p.s Agave has the BEST @SupimaCotton shirts! I love them!!!!!!! Again… MADE IN THE USA!

Matias Denim 

When you want something that isn’t on a billboard but made in a studio try on my friend Matias’s denim… cool cat and has great vision. I am happy to say he finally made it in to my old #denim store right before I left… I hope the sell-thru is treating him well.  Well deserved success.

RRL by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the 5 men in the Industry that I admire greatly…and would give him my career. If only I could be a part of his succession plan. The RRL line is STRONG these #jeans are masculine, hearty, well-made and have good ol’ American grit! I am going to guess that your denim is all blue… Next to Yellow blue is my favorite color, however, from my experience your shirts are also mostly blue. So, how about throwing some brown denim into the mix and pairing it with your grey, black and blue shirts and plaid sport jackets. Don’t be scared to mix your warms and cools aKa STOP MATCHING! OWN IT!

Hudson Jeans 

When you’re meeting the guys for a game of poker or watching the game at home these jeans are like pajama’s… not that I am saying we should be wearing pajama’s all day or that RAW denim isn’t worth earning but at least they are disguised and help out the #NoAssAtAll syndrome everyone is sweat pants suffers from.

Langport Five Pocket Slim Straight $178 in the Smithfield wash

  • Front rise: 9.75”
  • Inseam: 34.5”
  • Leg opening: 16.5”
  • Fabric Weight: 9.75 oz
  • Fabrication: 98% cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Made in the USA of imported Italian fabric
  • M235DHA-SMF

Agave Denim


Made in the USA made by Cone Mills USA; the oldest denim mill in the country still operating with a mission for original human perfection. “This 10 oz, 72% cotton 28% Elastrell, blue/black T400 stretch denim is AWESOME for dressing up with a blazer to make a statement out on the town! It is minimally processed to a dark, rich indigo with a slight resin shine”- AD. I adore Jeff the owner of Agave, he is the most denim passionate person I have had the pleasure of meeting. He takes pride in every stitch and each indigo dip. His mission “to make the best jeans in the world” he uses only the BEST textiles, the oldest family run mills in the world. Not only a CEO but is also the head designer… he takes it personal.

Classic Fit, Straight cut, Zipper Fly

 10″ front rise, 15″ back rise,  17.” knee,

 16.5″ bottom, 35″ in seam




The Protegé Cord in Super Black

MFGSKU:1049VTC-F $176.00

When your closet is bursting with indigo it’s time to explore your denim alternatives… I have explored and AG makes my favorite washed chords for men AND WOMEN… they are sexy as hell! Dress it up or dress down. p.s Agave also makes killer denim alternatives. BUY A 31!!!!!!!

The Slim Khaki Pant also by AG Jeans- Mr. Woo you’re killing #7Fam!

 Mineral Grey Basic

 MFG SKU:1137EST $138.00


The Geffen

MFGSKU:1109USF $235.00

 If I am not pivoting on the heel of my Manolo for a pair of @DieselUSA jeans walking by- I am spilling my coffee over this 10 years soft @AGJeans is a live in that rarely is folded in the closet- it can easily be found lying on the ground.  A slouchy slim that is loose in the hip and streamline the leg line giving the illusion of an extra inch in height (relative to your choice of shoes). David I trust your choice of foot wear…I did my research =-)

Thank you for your supporting this passionate pain in the ass and submitting your denim dilemma… I hope I was able to offer you some alternatives to the “same old thing” rut and have helped you tame duplicate purchasing. As a product junkie there are so many options that I could never imagine buying multiples of much! Enjoy your denim shopping and playing with your style. 2012 is a new year and its the best season to load up on denim. If you have any problems locating a retailer near you let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

p.s I think you would like PPD by Paige Premium Denim but I didn’t like any of the washes they offered this season same with Earnest Sewn.

All my denim love,

your  Butt Therapist

Agave Denim Attn: RETAIL OWNERS

Q&A MENS: Straight vs Bootcut at 6’3?

Question:  So, I am a 25 year old guy.  6’3 around 205 and fairly fit.  I am trying to upgrade my denim a bit and had a fairly simple question.
I am used to wearing bootcut jeans, but as I have done some research it seems like I am mostly reading where a guy should go straight leg.  That has led me to be really interested in a few pairs of Hudsons.  particularly the Renshaw (regular straight leg) and the Langport (slim straight).
I’m not really used to wearing straight leg jeans, and I want something that will really fit well and be versatile.  So, I was wondering if you would recommend either of those jeans for me or if I should stick to bootcut and maybe go with a pair of hudson slim bootcuts?
Any help you can give would be appreciated, although I know you’re busy, so no worries.
ps.  love the site…just recently found it and it’s awesome!
ButtTherapist ANSWER: busy- well, you caught me during my relocation to the big apple… I am still chewing! Go for a lean easy straight leg for a night out first! I know you have light beat up jeans that are relaxed and easily worn with flip flops in the summer.  As a SWF I still prefer men to be wearing a jean that is masculine and not grabbing the back of the thigh. I would suggest based on your height and age to get a couple new pairs to throw into the closet. 

The Protege

Roscoe Long




  • Front Rise 9.75″
  • Back Rise 14.75″
  • Hip 42″
  • Thigh 24.5″
  • Knee 17.5″
  • Leg Opening 17.5″
  • Inseam 34″
  • 11 oz Capsule Denim
  • 100% Cotton



Spring Summer 12
$ 190.00
Just because you have a beat up pair of jeans for summer doesn’t mean you should let your summer rely on them…. these are beautiful and you’ll be surprised how much you’d wear them once they were under the same roof. They are available in 34Long!
Five pockets, hidden buttons, logo details. 17″ leg opening, 10″ front rise, 14″ back rise
Composition  98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
And for your go-to everyday laying on the floor kinda jeans I would suggest Hudson… it’s so soft you’ll only wear Basketball shorts  on the court!

Wilde Five Pocket Relaxed Straight

Engineer – $198 Style# M655DCB-ENG
  • Button fly closure
  • Classic five pocket styling
  • Front rise: 10.25”
  • Inseam: 34”
  • Leg Opening: 17”
  • Fabric Weight: 10.5 oz.
  • Fabrication: 89% cotton, 11% EME
  • Made in USA of imported European fabric
Jackson, I hope this was a little helpful- all these denim brands make a 36 inseam so no worries on the length just make sure you specify what you need. Always know that the waist can be taken in by any tailor for under $20.00* bucks. Build a collection of Light, medium, dark, dressy (mercer wash w/ selvage) and a fun pair before you start duplicating washes. I would play around with some G-star and maybe a pair of PRPS.. they are fun and beautifully constructed jeans. Thank you for posting and following my denim world.. glad to have you in it!
Good luck and keep me posted!
All my denim love,
The Butt Therapist

Agave Denim F11 “just for the men”

Some may say that it is too late for Fall ’11; but it’s never too late to highlight greatness and this is just a little reminder that if you were late on getting there a season early… hurry up and get your #denim!



Designer Jeff Shafer focuses on fabric and fit. He considers designing an art and only works with hand- picked luxury fabric from boutique denim mills in Japan and Italy. He chooses U.S. Supima cotton for his knit wear in both the men’s and women’s collections.  In the Fall 2011 collection he has created new finishes with vintage washed t-shirts, merino wool sweaters and launched leather jackets to complete the look.

-The Agave Gold Label are limited edition selvage jeans that are numbered and signed. This seasons dark 1930’s rinse is Cone White Oak made Selvage.



Jeff top picks for fall are:

Vintage black denim and colored yarn dye denim in muted Autumn

Denim and cord with some stretch for comfort without losing the authentic denim look or feel …stretch for guys.  Most fabrics Shafer uses 98/2 percent cotton elastane as this gives comfort and yet retains shape.

Cotton moleskin and flannel blend add a unique denim alternative

Italian vintage washed cords are a fall must

Supima cotton long-sleeved t-shirt’s come in a wide color range with contrast stitching

Honeycomb merino wool cardigans

Chunky knit alpaca blend cardigans