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MENS: Under $200.00 Denim

MENS: Under $200.00 Denim 
Question: Submitted on 2011/08/19 at 4:26 am

Up for a challenge? I am 48 5′ 7″ 190lbs in shape and depending on brand 32 to 34 inch waist. ( diesel probably a 36??). 32/30 levies 501 have been my staple but need to change things up. Any suggestions? I am not cheap or broke but not looking to spend over $ 200 on jeans
Thanks in advance

Answer by The But Therapist: Mike I am always up for the challenge and ding this blind makes it even more worthy of a cause. Shoot me a pick and I can nail the jean for you! However, I am not one to waste time. Let’s change it up and get some pocket placement on that derriere. Under $200.00 and easy everyday jean that might cause an addiction you wish you’d started 10 years ago. I would love if you nailed down your waist size just for future reference for yourself. If you try on a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans in the Standard fit- It should run pretty true to size across brands. By under $200.00 I am not doing the $176.00 I assume we want to go deeper than that. So, My BLIND pic is:

MAVI: Zach Dark Maui Comfort $88.00

Zach fits low in the front and higher in the back with a contoured waistband, and has a relaxed straight leg for a comfortable yet modern look

  • 10 1/2″ front rise
  • 15″ back rise
  • 18″ knee
  • 16 1/2″ bottom
  • 70%cotton 31%eme 1%ea
They are not Made in the USA or Italy. However, they have a really nice feel for your first pair of “the other kind of jeans” they are easy on the wallet, the pocket placement is good, I dig the wash, and you will grab these over and over and over again.
I LOVE all these questions but you guys are killing me without adding a picture! It has so much more to do with finding the right jean for YOU not just your toosh. Come on… don’t be shy- I will crop your head off: no worries!
Mike- Thanks for posting and I will be impatiently waiting a picture or update on your denim shopping!
Your Butt Therapist


Disappearing in DENIM

Typing like a mad woman… I can’t wait until my Denim Design Drawing starts late Sunday night. I am currently on project and under deadline x4. Next week may be a bit boring when it comes to denim unless you are sitting next to me handing me my ROCKSTAR or keeping my coffee cup full.. my apologies.


Please keep submitting your questions, photo’s and guest posts for review. Keep up the denim LOVE!


Passionately yours,

The Butt Therapist

Navigating the new site

In the “Find Me” footer there is an EMAIL me button: Please use this to contact me with your Denim Dilemma’s, submissions, errors you have encountered or general insights and concerns. Thank you for your patience as I build this platform to better support you.

I will be editing 25-50 posts a day until the entire archive is updated.

Thanks for chillin’


Your Butt Therapist


“My typos are like tattoos. I have to live with them” –Stexcy 

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‎”My original Jack Purcells tells you I respect icons. Your Vans slip ons and skinny jeans tells me you’re a douche who loves Starbucks” via twitter: SKYENICOLAS

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My 401(k) is now worth a pair of 501(jeans).


Welcome to the NEW Butt Therapist BLOG… this has taken some work to create as I had a lot to learn. Thank you Dan for sitting on the other side of the phone and sometimes the pizza helping me through my file manager, .PHP, figuring out what a root is, creating Sub directories, and launching databases. You are a gem! “Go Autism Awareness… and The Autism Speaks Walk…for Oregon and Autism Research Fair – July 23rd, 2011

I will be spending the next …MONTH editing the transition… the transfer from Tumblr to WP was not as smooth as WP would like it to be. I will be editing the categories, quotes, tags, and images. The old site IS STILL LIVE… Visit: The Butt Therapist on Tumblr to view the archives.

If there is someone who would like to LEARN WP please let me know… my to do list is a mile long and I would be happy to walk you through the editing process so we can double team this project so i can return to denim debauchery and quit destroying wordpress!


All my love to you,

your Butt Therapist

7 for all Mankind has a NEW tumblr BLOG!

7 for all mankind just launched their tumblr blog this week. Welcome to the re-blog addicts and a HUGE thanks for the TUMBLR BLOG follow 7 for all mankind @7FAM

Thank you for showing the love… Supima Cotton

@supima #denim Thank you for showing the love… I have more for you! New site is being built and you will be able to see when I mention you! xox



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