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Sky Nicholas

“Life is a matter of navigation – Your own unique path of getting from point A to point B, reveals the boundaries of your imagination.” ~SN”



What ever happened to Sex, Drugs, & Rock N’ Roll? All we have left is AIDS, Crack, and Justin Bieber. ~SN”

Karl Lagerfeld+intention

This is one place I wish my toosh was planted! 

The Butt Therapist: This is one place I wish my toosh was planted!


Visit: www.RalphLaurenCarCollection for the full Collection, read the stories… oh…and hear those engines while you shop!



-Oh…Ralph, You’re the only one I love!


Not all that wonder are LOST

Get Results

“I am told that the clinical definition of insanity is the tendency to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results”Unknown

This one is for my mom

The Butt Therapist: This one is for my mom. I would give nearly anything for her toosh to be in a pair of Paige Adam Geller’s “Paige- rising Glenn” jeans. My mom.. the woman who never owned a pair of jeans while I was growing up has sucummed to the denim lifestyle… unfortunately even I, The Butt Therapist can NOT get her to UPGRADE! Gloria Vanderbilt…an artist I respect created the ultimate mom jean and THAT is an accomplishment even though the toosh is not the most flattering in my mind…it is a jean worthy of notation. I love you MOM!



Gloria Vanderbilt and her Luxury Jeans


Selling..what exactly?

This is an example of a bad marketing photo: What are they trying to sell here? Is it the piece of jewelry or a pair of jeans? I have heard about people wearing panties on their head at frat parties and seen many of denim dresses but “WHAT IS THIS” denim marketing failure… capture me and evoke my desire to have these jeans! This didn’t do it.

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