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WRANGLER called– I am going to Greensboro, North Carolina to work with the design team and 4 other finalist to design the NEXTBLUE jean for Wrangler!

Stick around because your opinion STILL COUNTS! You have the control because the Finalist competition begins 4/19-4/26. The MOST VOTES WINS!

Just like this round YOU can VOTE once a day-EVERYDAY! I am going to do my best to create what YOU WANT but I am gonna need your “CLICK” to take me to the winners circle.

Thank you for VOTING for me and taking the time to register on the site (I know it was a pain) I really appreciate it! Your support is invaluable to me and the kind words and love you shared on my blog, twitter, FB page, & my cell phone… YOU are amazing and I am one hell of a LUCKY GIRL to have so many amazing people in my life that care about me and willing to give me a boost when I need a little help! Thank you for everything and I will keep you INFORMED and IN-the-KNOW!



Passionately yours,

your butt therapist

Who do YOU think will design WRANGLER’S NEXTBLUE jean?

Results are coming TODAY! Who are your TOP 5 guesses?
My guesses:

Leisha- The Rodeo Queen
Eileen- The (mass) Consumer
Colt- The (Utility) cowboy
Olivia- The Wrangler life consumer
Lance- The Fashion guy!
HOPEFULLY Me- The DENIM Addict/Retail girl
What are your guesses?

So, when push came to shove and I needed to replace my music for the NEXTBLUE e

So, when push came to shove and I needed to replace my music for the NEXTBLUE entry for WRANGLER JEANS- My first thought was to contact every singer, band, and musician I knew. Then I had to ask myself “who could execute an ORIGINAL 30 second sound bite in less than an hour? Thankfully, I had a lifeline- David Leon Emery created exactly what I needed off the cuff- Creative people that can execute are harder to find then the PERFECT pair of jeans. “we all know denim shopping is a pain in the ass”

Thank you David for supporting me- Your talent is as big as your heart!

He’s got my recommendation 100%; and if you actually have the opportunity to work with him you will understand how much of an amazing person he is!


I had him for 30 minutes on the fly- Bookmark him and I DARE you to see what he can do for YOU!

Thank you for saving my butt!

-Your Butt Therapist

Dr Denim spring/summer 2011 at Stockholm 

Dr Denim spring/summer 2011 at Stockholm

“The Music Box” – Daniel Cloud Campos

From the film “Welcome Home” This is a story of a kid, in search for a new apartment rental, who comes across a place that has actually chosen him. When a place speaks to you, you have no other choice but to play along with the tune 🙂 

Written/Directed/Edited – Daniel Cloud Campos

Cinematography – Jerry Evans & Troy Christian

Original Music by – Daniel Cloud Campos & Nathan Lanier

Guitar Solo – David Curtain

Sound design – Daniel Cloud Campos & Nathan Lanier

Colorist – Luis Silva
Check out his reel –  target=”_blank” href=”>

Hair & Make up – Valerie Soto

Choreography – Daniel Cloud Campos

Special Thanks – Charlie Schmidt, Tamara Levinson, Jaime “Venum” Burgos, Oscar Orosco, Anthony “Lil Bob” Cabaero and Alex F. Munoz

Camera – EOS Canon 7D

UK Levi’s Commercial

UK Levi’s Commercial

Love, Thom Iizuka

“I stayed up to Midnight to VOTE !!!! LETS GO PEOPLE…Vote first, then brush your teeth, or wax your back or do 300 crunches…. whatever your routine is… Casey is at 200….only 130 to the WASABI ZONE ……-Thom Iizuka

> I have quite the loving crew that make sure I am smiling with their humor and support everyday- Th


Still think you have to wear an over sized shirt with skinny jeans?

Still think you have to wear an over sized shirt with skinny jeans?

I am digging BALDWIN 77 Collection and can’t wait for one of my guys to try it on and repor

I am digging BALDWIN 77 Collection and can’t wait for one of my guys to try it on and report back ASAP! #denim

RE-BLOGGED from: for the full collection including shirting checkout:

Far from staples, Matt Baldwin reinterprets the basics while designing new garments for the guy who just wants to look good.  With a focus on an attractive fit, comfortable materials, and domestic manufacturing, the Baldwin Spring/Summer 2011 collection takes the guess work of out of men’s clothing.  Put it on, and it looks good. Simple.

The Spring Summer collection includes several cuts of raw denim for the guys who want to make the denim their own, and comfortable out of the gate washed denim for the guy who is stoked on that initial fit. Something new for this year is the California Wash in the Reed cut which is a slim straight denim for that classic clean worn-in look.

My personal favorites (maybe because I’m already a year in on my Reed denim) from the new collection have to be the shirting.  The William, a slim-fit one pocket button down comes in multiple fabrics including selvage chambray shirt, and four colors of micro check.  The Paulie, a 3/4 sleeve button down for those hot summer days, and rounding out the shirting is the classic fitting one-pocket Edwinshirt.  Not to leave out the perfect layering jacket, Baldwin also created the Aaron, made from Cone Mills denim and washed to a perfect hand and color.

After seeing these garments a few months ago in NYC and watching the excitement of their stockists and our friends alike, I’m anxiously awaiting to grab a few of the shirting options and kick off spring right. Nice work KC.  Baldwin Denim. 

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