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Nudie Jeans: The making and scrapping of DENIM @n

Nudie Jeans: The making and scrapping of DENIM @nudiejeansco

Bacteria in blue jeans after 15 months of unwashed wear: 

From one denim specialist to another… we all know what washing your denim too often does to your coveted cloth… but what’s the real DL on sanity of skipping the rinse cycle for 5-6 washings (my personal recommendation)?

Josh Le student of University of Alberta teamed up with his textile professor, Rachel McQueen, to perform a bacterial analysis on Josh’s blue jeans after he’d worn them for 15 months.

Both surprised at the outcome- 15 months had nearly the same kind and amount of bacteria then after 1 wear. So, save water and your jeans by washing less frequently. HOWEVER, tiny pieces of sand/dirt particles wiggle their way in-between the woven cotton fibers and when they are not washed for ….15 months it will abraid and breakdown your denim. Hence my 5-6 time wear wash recommendation. 


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Adriano Goldschmied Protégé 

This is the easiest and BEST fitting MENS jean on the market right now #AGJEANS. Last season they were my all time favorite in the cords; grey, brown and black. This season the same fit is available in a slant pocket twill and 5 pkt. When it comes to upgrading your denim alternatives… Guys this is the fit to do it in! 

*Pictured is the 15 year Double Aged# 7781609

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Denim Aftershave…seriously?

Denim Aftershave…seriously?

What are your most coveted pair of jeans?

Mine are my…. We are Replay

Words of the wise… I think it is cute how Lucky Magaz

Words of the wise…

I think it is cute how Lucky Magazine shouts “JEGGINGS are OUT” and just because boot cut jeans are hitting retail floors again you think it is safe to assume you dodged the bullet and never had to take the plunge into skinny jeans. Well, I am here to tell you that jeggings are NOT out! Skinny jeans will never become extinct. So, just go get a pair and stop complaining that your thighs are too big to pull them off. Stacy London and I do not agree about the shape of a jean for a woman. 

However, I guarantee that Michelangelo, Raphael, Giotto or Botticelli would not argue with me nor suggest that the natural shape of a woman should be “balanced” by fabric. Every stylist will assure you that your body is perfect- maybe not your idea of perfect but with the right eye you can wear anything you want as long as the silhouette’s of the apparel are balanced; not your hip to ankle dimensions.

Simple rules:

Accentuate the positive!

Baggy jean are easily balanced with a fitted or flouncy but shorter top. FYI: a BELT is required to decrease the visual length of the rise.

Skinny jeans can be easily paired with any tailored woven, loose, or long top

If you LOVE it; ROCK it!

OWN your personal STYLE!

Go for “pretty” first then push your style

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! 

The Skinny: How often are we able to wear flats and actually lengthen our leg line. You can snuggle up in an over-sized sweater and feel like a fashionista rather than a frump. They are also the easiest way to go from day to night by throwing on some killer pumps. 

The Straight: The most flattering pant/jean cut for every figure. This is your basic, your staple, your “go to” jean for every event, any occasion and every shoe! (you will need multiple pair with different inseam lengths).

The Boot-cut: Right now every denim designer has re-designed their classic boot cut jean. They are better than EVER and I would suggest adding an updated fit to your collection. 

The Boyfriend: you can never take them away from me… go for the “cool” factor. Watch out*** an extra 5lbs can sneak up on you and remember if your single you may want to flaunt that figure a couple times a week.

The Wide-Leg Trouser: They come in every spring and they always will… it is the best time to be dragging 1/2 a yard of fabric 1/8 of an inch off the ground. The wide leg trouser jean is great for casual Fridays with a blazer or blouse. The white trouser is a wardrobe staple for summer because secretly we all love the novelty of nautical! 

The White Jean: Mandatory- get over yourself and go find “the” great pair. This is your mission this spring. Find the perfect white jeans. It brings your entire wardrobe full circle for spring/summer. The new fresh ways you can mix what you already own it endless!

The Denim Alternative: If you spend premium prices for premium denim for the PREMIUM fit why would you look elsewhere for your cargo, Khaki (who came up with this color name), cords, and other non denim pants? They’ve proven the fit and they will do it over and over again with all the new denim alternatives that are available by your trusted denim companies. 

The Capri MYTH: I am too short to wear capri’s… you are wearing the wrong shoes! I am too tall to wear Capri’s… NO ONE MAKES HIGH WATERS anymore. Therefore, no one will think you are wearing them… again go shoe shopping!

You are building a denim collection not buying the same pair of jeans over and over again. Play with the different fits, washes, brands, styles, and novelty pieces that you love. You won’t know unless you try- go to a denim specialist at any high-end retailer and they will help you. Splurge on your jeans because some how our lower half dictates our head and not the other way around like it should.

Embrace your figure and find your style


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~Grey Livingston

GLOBAL: Leading brands to work on sandblasting ban

Link: GLOBAL: Leading brands to work on sandblasting ban

Oh…NO…my favorite JEANS! There must be was to innovate the process…I have already thought of 6 ways to avoid inhalation.

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