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> I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical,

-Yves Saint Laurent

Lacoste jumps on Earnest Sewn’s Pockets

Lacoste and Earnest Sewn have come together. Beginning in March you will see Lacoste polo’s in Earnest Sewn jean shops and when you walk into Lacoste Earnest Sewn jeans will be laying on the tables. Retail stores they are not leaving you out: you can order the co-branded products for your March merchandise assortment too!

“It’s a logical extension of our brands. We know that our customers wear jeans with their Lacoste polos and t-shirts,” says Steve Birkhold, CEO of Devanlay USA. Lacoste is looking to boost it’s bottoms business which is currently 10% of US sales. Birkhold knows his denim as the former CEO of Diesel USA. 

Made in the USA, these special jeans are a collection of Earnest Sewns’ best fits, tweeked washes with a crocodile on the watch pocket and a green stitched rear belt loop. I love seeing brands coming together to share their strengths with each other to create new products. “We brought a lot of expertise to Lacoste,” says Gary Cohen, president of Earnest Sewn. ” In return we get to work with a very sustainable brand, expose our own brand to a new customer base and introduce their polos in our stores where we are expanding out sportswear business.” 

Men’s denim: $185.00- $195.00 (2 fits/4 washes)

Women’s Denim: $165.00-$195.00 (3 fits/7 washes)

-50 Lacoste’s full price US boutiques will carry the denim collection-

Lacoste polos will be available in 7 colors in Earnest Sewn’s 2 Manhattan stores and their Malibu location. 

> When women wear denim it (the derriere) must look elegant. It’s the second thing every woman loo

-Ritu Kuma

@DonDupItaly you’ve stolen my heart

When in Rome do as the Romans-All I have to say is 104 Pandemonium was my favorite store from the moment I walked in! Check it out: I had the best time with the girls!  Well, I was in a pair of Dondup jeans that rocked my world. Pictured below is the straight boyfriend steals my heart every time I see it and it is PERFECTION! This 6 button fly barely sags, it is the perfect straight leg with a nearly relaxed leg in the perfect shade of blue. No premium denim line I have tried on has executed this fit! This is impressive!!!!!

STYLE TIPIn the picture look at the leg- one rolled one scrunched… this is the hottest thing in Europe and I think I am the only one sporting this special souvenir over here-join me!

So, Made in Italy: who is Dondup? Launched in 2000 Massimo Berloni & Manuela Mariotti have devoted a decade to denim  in order to create Dondup denim as we know it today; sold in over 800 high-end retailers around the globe. In seven years they built a 48 million annual apparel business and developed denim worth drooling over with a little passion and a team of 48 members that make it happen every season.

Dondup was born in Fossombrone, in Marche, where Arcadia is located: the place where denim is given life through the design, antiqued details, manufactured and distributed-it’s home. Massimo worked side by side to Adriano Goldshmeidt and and several other groups of denim addicted designers. Origionally form Luxenbourg, Manuela Mariotti started with 2 handmade denim collections that she described as “Romantically Rocker”. Her mission for jeans “fit well on Mediteranian Women” that'[s it; plain and simple. So, she began a morphological study of the woman’s hips, knees, and pelvic that lead her to the lower pocket placement- the most popular denim model is the “Music Hero”

 Dondup is known for their innovative and historical dye processes with Guado, rose madder, blackberries, champagne enzyme treatments, and blended denim, Massimo’s plan is to “consolidate the brand, strengthen brand image and let us know better”. The Dondup label, in currently in collaboration with the University of Pisa and the Lamoli Museum of Color; just wait for SP’11!

Mi mancha Roma tanto,


your butttherapist



In the picture above there is a pair of Mauro Griffoni jeans…. stick around- I liked them too! 

If you have a favorite pair of Dondup jeans; shoot me a photo!

> Inventory is the price a business pays for lack of information.” > > Send your samples to

Retail Truths

butttherapist:  Loved Earnest Sewn- then you’ll love the fit of Evisu!

“One of the things that’s really complicated about Evisu is that it represents different things in each country.” -Scott Morrison:

Evisu is a designer clothing company from Japan that specialized to make high quality premium denim wear. Hidehiko Yamane established this company in the year 1988. Evisu is also known by many as Evisu Genes. Their products utilized human labor more than machines and this gives them a human touch that ensures greater quality. It’s like having a custom made jeans or tee!

An interview with Scott Morrison compliments of Denimblog:


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superfuture :: supertalk :: Evisu is still loved! – page 744

> If my jeans could talk, would I be embarrassed?

-Brooke Shields

Think it’s just someone cutting cotton- think again! 54% of women try on 10 pair of j

Think it’s just someone cutting cotton- think again!

54% of women try on 10 pair of jeans before they go to the register!

butttherapist:   Max Wastler and James Wilson put 3sixteen denim to t

butttherapist:   Max Wastler and James Wilson put 3sixteen denim to the 9 month test. Wearing them day in and day out for every occasion and everywhere in-between- check out their story at

via 3sixteen denim= We’ve been getting a great response to our denim this Spring – along with a reissue of the SL-100x (Straight Leg fit), we introduced the ST series, our slimmer cut in three fabrics:

Raw Indigo Selvedge, Resin Coated Black, and Raw Grey.

For your reference, 3sixteen’s fit model is 5’10″, 155lbs, and is wearing a size 29.

Pationatly yours,

The butttherapist


3sixteen denim is back at DB, and in a rainbow of colors like black, grey, and (watch out!) indigo. Two fits are currently in stock: the SL (slim straight leg) and the ST (slim tapered leg). Make sure to check out the ST-200x as the denim is sourced directly from Japan’s Kaihara Mill, where only the fanciest of pants are born.

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