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Lacoste jumps on Earnest Sewn’s Pockets

Lacoste and Earnest Sewn have come together. Beginning in March you will see Lacoste polo’s in Earnest Sewn jean shops and when you walk into Lacoste Earnest Sewn jeans will be laying on the tables. Retail stores they are not leaving you out: you can order the co-branded products for your March merchandise assortment too!

“It’s a logical extension of our brands. We know that our customers wear jeans with their Lacoste polos and t-shirts,” says Steve Birkhold, CEO of Devanlay USA. Lacoste is looking to boost it’s bottoms business which is currently 10% of US sales. Birkhold knows his denim as the former CEO of Diesel USA. 

Made in the USA, these special jeans are a collection of Earnest Sewns’ best fits, tweeked washes with a crocodile on the watch pocket and a green stitched rear belt loop. I love seeing brands coming together to share their strengths with each other to create new products. “We brought a lot of expertise to Lacoste,” says Gary Cohen, president of Earnest Sewn. ” In return we get to work with a very sustainable brand, expose our own brand to a new customer base and introduce their polos in our stores where we are expanding out sportswear business.” 

Men’s denim: $185.00- $195.00 (2 fits/4 washes)

Women’s Denim: $165.00-$195.00 (3 fits/7 washes)

-50 Lacoste’s full price US boutiques will carry the denim collection-

Lacoste polos will be available in 7 colors in Earnest Sewn’s 2 Manhattan stores and their Malibu location.