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A Denim LOVE story…

butttherapist: ... the magical woven fabric that we live our life in always has a story. With denim being acceptable nearly 95% of the time, the amount of memories being made in a single pair of jeans is curious. Some people have music, some of us… a KILLER denim collection. Kill your jeans, Love your denim, buy new jeans; make more memories.

Keep sending the stories my way. Thanks Manshion for sharing your “forgotten” denim love story. xox

For the love of Denim,

Your butttherapist


I don’t know how I overlooked these. Apparently I bought a pair of GAP selvage denim jeans in late 2006 without even knowing they were anything special. If I knew then what I know now, these things would look like freakin’ artwork today. Crazy. I was just cleaning out my dresser, making space for things and noticed the upturned cuff on this forgotten pair of jeans.Back then, I was rotating about 5 pairs of jeans and it shows because these things have virtually no wear and tear. Actually, a tear at the cuff exists because highwaters were not cool (to me) back in the day and I let them meet the pavement (sadly). They’re straight cut, and from GAP, so they’re an inch roomier than need be. I’m going to shrink them up (they need a wash anyway) to see if that helps. Otherwise, an inch (from the inseam, not outseam-can’t ruin the selvage striping) cut from the tailor’s hand below the knee would make these ideal. I’ll keep you posted. Just had to share. Amazing to think that I probably passed these over and benched them for 3 years for some H&M jeans (no offense) (shots fired!) (oh no he didn’t!)

I love finding old stuff. In the pockets? Medicated chapstick and one of the $2k worth of tickets I racked up living on Massachusetts Avenue. Brings a smile to my face now.