The Pollyes Pantaloni

Front pocket detail

Articulated knee

Rear pocket detail

Twisted side seam

The butt

@DieselUSA Diesel Black Gold: Pollyes Pantaloni

Made in Italy: Style #00C3DD-008R0

The Harem pant style is becoming more and more accepted by men and women across the globe. It was the most popular style when I was in Italy last month; I tried on close to 20 different styles. Dundup denim being my personal favorite with fit and styling details… a run for the money- here comes a Diesel jean that can compete for the best fit and killer style! A fellow apparel guru traveling in South America right now; when I asked  him what the hottest denim on the street is right now “hands down the Harem style for both men and women”. So, why is it that the good ‘ol USA is just now accepting the skinny cargo and has close to no hope for the harlem style pant gaining traction. I was so proud to see women in Rome wearing the harem jeans and trousers with their pumps and fitted blazers at a size 2 and 10 alike. Confidence exuded the streets or New York and Italy with personal style being executed- good or bad, soft or hard- people were embracing their mornings and playing with their closets before walking out the door. I can only hope that personal stylist are getting to know their clients more intimately and building our consumer’s confidence and addressing the body image issues.

So, Diesel came… and they brought me the Pollyes Pantaloni; upon my first glance my knees buckled- it was LOVE. This medium wash harem jean has all the attributes that creates this to be the best executed (easily wearable) Harem style yet.

The Pollyes Pantaloni has dropped trouser articulated front pockets that compliment the slouchy crotch and skinny leg; which makes it a harem style. The side seams come from the back side of the pockets and twist around the outside of the leg to be a center seam down the back of the calf. The leg line is clean with articulated knee details. Diesel is known for their innovative washes and once again they made me proud to be in the denim business. The unique creases and choice of indigo shades. There is only a touch of light abrasion and a few tiny white holes just to add the perfect amount of wear. The rear seat leaves room for a toosh or will slouch nicely for those missing the extra curve in the back. The harem style jean is the ultimate confident jean to rock with the perfect pair of Lanvin flats, your favorite gladiator or classic pumps.

Front Rise: 11 inches

Rear Rise: 16 inches

Inseam: 26 inches (ankle length)