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People’s Pride 4 all


Well, I have to say that TWITTER has done me well for launching The Butt Therapist  and bringing you the delightful and the dirty on denim around the world. While stopping in NYC for Fashion Night Out; I had the opprotunity to meet up with Olga Koren and denim designer Carlyle Hanson from People’s Pride 4 all. Launching a denim line that was cuious what I thought about their butt!

I tried on several styles and was definalty impressed… see for yourself… a few pictures of my toosh in some fresh, creative and very innovative jeans. Firm denim that makes these jeans feel like “real” jeans. The yolk is not your typical and makes a huge difference in the shape of the rear view! I LOVE that they are truly well made; the level of quality is unmatched! Peoples Pride 4 all- you can use the word couture to describe your denim collection!

peoples pride 1

People’s Pride has created a niche in the premium denim market by upping the luxury quotient of our product while maintaining the same price bracket as our competitors. Our jeans are tailored with the same attention to detail that goes into the designing, patterning and creation of a couture piece. We design to fit and flatter all shapes of women so that when you wear our jean, it feels as if they were created specifically and especially for you. 

We at Peoples Pride are strong advocates of philanthropy. We believe that it is our human responsibility to help those less fortunate than us by providing the knowledge and tools required to build a better life. Our patented condom pockets are just one way in which we aim to educate people about the global HIV/AIDS crisis. They are a design first, proving that fashion can have a conscience, and that making the choice to utilise the pocket is ultimately empowering as it puts you, the wearer, in control of your own sexual health.

 peoples pride 2

To enter the garment industry and shine a new light on what can be accomplished when “Good Business” is “Human Business.” Our goal is to show the world that business has the power to do good, and when put into practice the idea of doing “Good Business” can reshape the landscape of humanity through social and environmental change. It is our purpose to use our products to help communicate human rights and environmental issues. The ambition and work of Peoples Pride is to position itself on the minds and hearts of the consumer that there is a better choice: a choice that will not only satisfy their desire to be stylish and in vogue, but also fulfill the compassion of the well-intended heart, giving the consumer the satisfaction of knowing that a substantial percentage of their purchase will go towards helping those that are in need. 

We believe it is important to remain an active member of the community and impact our customer’s lives in more ways than through the selling of merchandise.

 peoples pride 3 The butttherapist supports your brand!

p.s: they  have hidden Condom pockets…i’ll start with a little blurb from www.nolcha.com about the Vision and Mission of People’s Pride 4 all.

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